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  • help you ensure the delivery of high-quality care in compliance with ministry and program policies and procedures
  • help you match families to your home
  • get you access to your community's centralized waitlist so your business never gets disrupted
  • get you access to our free lending program for new or well-maintained equipment
  • provide free educational and play kits
  • provide free relief support for medical appointments
  • help you better serve your families by connecting them to resources within the community
  • support you through times of difficulties with parents through listening support and mediation if necessary

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Helpful FAQs for New Providers.

Are there any supports to help get my home child care business going?

Our consultants are available to support you through the entire process, including completing the necessary paperwork, setting up your home, finding clientele, doing interviews, etc.

We have an extensive resource lending library to help get you started, including toys for all ages and equipment such as cots, booster seats, playpens, strollers, etc.

Am I required to own my home? Can I proceed if I am a tenant (renter)?

We can proceed if you are a tenant and rent; however, we would need a letter from the landlord stating that they give you permission to run a home child care business on premise.

Do I need a degree or a certain level of education?

There are no requirements regarding your educational background. A love for working with children and providing them with an educational program is what we are looking for. We will be looking for 3 references preferably persons that have seen you with children.

If you do have your ECE diploma, you will have to maintain your registration with the College of ECE.

How will I be paid by my families? What about the $20/day you told me about?

The YMCA collects all fees from the parents and your service fees are directly deposited into your bank account twice a month according to the attendance and agreements signed with the parents. The finance department works directly with the families to collect fees, deal with any NSF payments, etc. Parents would be directed to speak with the finance department for any financial questions.

The “Enhancement Grant” is government funded. You will receive an additional $20/day that you are open and have at least one child in care. It is not an addition/child; therefore, whether you have one child or 6 children it is a $20/day grant. This would be added to you pay twice a month.

Do I find my own clientele or does the agency refer the families to me?

Both are acceptable. The YMCA does have an extensive waitlist in which we refer families to our home child care providers. If you know someone that is looking for care, you can go through the same process to bring them onboard.

What happens when a child leaves my program? Is there any help financially if they do not give me any notice?

Families are required to give 2 weeks’ notice when withdrawing their child from care. Therefore, even if the family is removing their child from care immediately, you are still entitled to receive payment according to the attendance agreement. This allows you two weeks to interview families to fill the space.

Do I need to follow the YMCA's curriculum?

Licensed home child care follows the document “How does learning happen” which is not a specific curriculum. As a self-employed contractor, you are able to develop your own educational program plan around the interests of the children in your care.


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